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Presario 2203AL notebook on Linux

Ritesh Raj Sarraf
New Member

Presario 2203AL notebook on Linux

Any people over here having luck with Linux on Presario 2200 series notebooks ?

I am facing problems with:
1) ACPI (OS suspend)
2) Soft-Modem

Are there detailed docs for the hardware in the Compaq notebooks ? Like what chip nic is used and what is it's capacitiy ? Upto what resolution can my LCD support ? etc etc..
Dave Falloon
Trusted Contributor

Re: Presario 2203AL notebook on Linux

I don't know any specifics for this laptop all I can offer is a few commands that could get you in the right direction.

lspci -vvv
cat /proc/pci

Can shed some light on the chipset/revisions.

I've had luck booting knoppix and letting their autoconfigurator figure out drivers and X mode lines as well.

Sorry I can't be of more help,

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Ritesh Raj Sarraf
New Member

Re: Presario 2203AL notebook on Linux

I've dug deep into those command reports.

The kernel, when initializing hardware, fails to detect the Softmodem with an error code -13.
Software Suspend is still an issue. X doesn't come up once suspended.

Your idea is good. Using knoppix could be a lot more helpful.
Bruce Copeland
Trusted Contributor

Re: Presario 2203AL notebook on Linux

Soft modems (winmodems) are a hardware issue on nearly all Linux distributions. It is SOMETIMES possible to find drivers that easily work with winmodems. You need to know the modem manufacturer (probably conexant in your case) and model, which you can get from your computer documentation, or from the HP site, or sometimes from the lspci command. You then need to do a google search to find drivers that work with your winmodem

Software suspend works with custom built versions of some of the 2.4.2x series kernels. (ie., you need to have vanilla kernel source, you need to apply several acpi and software suspend patches, you need to build the kernel, and then you need to configure suspend). For newer 2.6 series kernels, suspend seems to work on only a few ibm and dell notebooks, although there may be hope for broader success with suspend on the very latest 2.6.10 kernels.

If you haven't checked the following web sites, I encourage you to do so:

(Note also that there is substantial similarity between the 2200 and 2100 series laptops.)