Preserion 2500 Video

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Preserion 2500 Video

I purchased compaq presarion 2500 and installed RH Linux 9. I cannot change the resolution. The display will be small. It may be because I dont have proper drivers for it. Can any one tell me where I can find appropriate linux deriver for it.
Jerome Henry
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Re: Preserion 2500 Video

Did you let the system choose ?
Go to a shell (under X) and run redhat-config-Xfree86, try to select the right card, and the right screen...
HP doesn't seem to provide specific driver, as this material should be supported under rh9

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Bruce Copeland
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Re: Preserion 2500 Video


The Compaq Presario 2500 series uses Radeon IGP graphics, which is generally not well detected/configured under Red Hat 9 (or most of the other available Linux distros). There are several different ways to set up X on this type of hardware. See my Linux HP ze4100 web page for a discussion of the various alternatives:

The Compaq and HP notebooks use very similar hardware.

Joel Kammet
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Re: Preserion 2500 Video

I recently installed Red Hat 9 on my Pavilion ZT1260.

The Red Hat installer recognized my ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 display adapter without help from me.

But during the install, I did have to manually select the display adapter from a list that the installer presented. I selected "Generic laptop display panel 1024x768. I've had no problems with the display.

Do you know exactly which display adapter and display panel you have in your Presario?

If you go to "System settings" on the main Red Hat menu & select "Display", and then select the "Advanced" tab, you may be able to reconfigure it without manually editing the configuration files.