Printer Driver To Use with DesignJet 1050c

Andrew Kaplan
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Printer Driver To Use with DesignJet 1050c

Hi there --

We have a DesignJet 1050c (non-postscript) plotter attached to the network and would like to be able to print to it. The workstations that would be sending jobs are running Red Hat Fedora Core 2. I did a check for a driver on the HP website as well as within the Print Manager of the workstations, and there was no listing for a 1050c plotter. What alternate driver could I use in the absense of a one that is specific to the plotter? THanks.
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Craig Gilmore
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Re: Printer Driver To Use with DesignJet 1050c

I'd recommend trying both the 750c driver and the 2500 driver.

Check for more information.

The DesignJet 1000 series are replacements for the DesignJet 700 series. I haven't had a chance to play much with the large format printers.

The drawbacks are that dpi support is limited to 300dpi color printing with the 750 driver. However, I'm not sure the commands are the same for the 2500 driver. The 2500 does have 600x600dpi color support.