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jason fournier
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Printing a file

I am having a small problem printing a file on my linux machine. I copied the file from a unix server. The problem is that the file has flags in it that are used by the printer,
^[(s7B (bold on) for example.Somewhere between the file and the printer, the ^[ gets changed for ?? so the flag now looks like ??(s7B. This does not get recognised by the printer as a flag and therefore gets printed as regular text.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem? (the Tags have to stay in)

Jason Fournier
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Printing a file

Those appears to be pcl escape codes for the printer. If you don't have a print spooler or the right printer you are going to have a hard time printing that.

Steven E Protter
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Stuart Browne
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Re: Printing a file

Also what are you using as your print spooler? LPRng? Cups?

Are you printing to a spool on the local machine, or on a remote machine (either Windows or Unix/Linux) ?

I've onlys een this sort of thing happen when printing to a 'Remote' printer attached to a Windows PC using NT/2K/XP's "UNIX Printing" stuff.
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Francisco J. Soler
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Re: Printing a file

Hi Jason.

Have you checked the file in your linux box to see if flags are already there? Perhaps the copy from the unix to linux is not good.

Is the printer pluged into the linux box?
If so, you can try
cat file > /dev/lp0
be sure the device is ok, it could be lp0, lp1...

Linux?. Yes, of course.