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Printing on Unix

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Printing on Unix


I'm hoping someone could help with the following problem.

At the moment we have an HP3000 and HP9000, currently the HP9000 sends its prints to the HP3000 using spoolmate (reader). Then spoolmate on the HP3000 directs the print to the correct printer.

Now we are making the HP3000 redundant and without spending any money on new software for the HP9000 we want to direct the prints and also have a banner.

The printers we have are


Could someone point me in the correct direction on using HP-UX Spool rather than spoolmate.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Printing on Unix

Let's start with some basics:

1) the 2564B's appear to be impact / line printers that run at about 600 lpm. Is that correct? Dot matrix, lineprinter (as in print chain / hammers) or what?

2) how were they attached to the 3000? Directly connected (parallel cable or somesuch) or what?

Bill Hassell
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Re: Printing on Unix

Are you saying that the HP 3000 will be taken out of service? IF that is true, then the printers must be connected to the HP 9000. But with no information other than the printer model, the current connection from the 3000 might be RS-232 (serial), or possibly a Centronics parallel connection, maybe even a network connection using a JetDirect interface. Each one of these connections is very different and has very different setup, cables, etc.

Also missing from your description is how you are currently printing from the 9000 to the 3000. Are you using the lp command on HP-UX? Or some special software that bypasses HP-UX print services?

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Printing on Unix

hmm... google turned up:

"Configuring HP-UX For Peripherals: HP 9000 Computers > Chapter 7 Configuring Printers and Plotters"

which mentions that printer...

and also

"IRIX to HPUX Migration Guide"

which, while not directly applicable, also noted the creation of device files and lpr2 kernel module when using said printer.