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Pro *C in oracle in hp-ux?

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Pro *C in oracle in hp-ux?

i installed the oracle database on hp-ux IA64 11.23 with install option of enterprise edition, but i couldn't find the Pro*C compiler in $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory.... whether i need to install seperatly?
Indira Aramandla
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Re: Pro *C in oracle in hp-ux?


Form oracle release 8i and above the precompilers are included in the client release CD's.

When you have installed from the client CD then you should find in $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory proc, procob18....etc.

And also

Oracle provides makefiles for precompiling, compiling, and linking your programs. They can be found under the $ORACLE_HOME/precomp/demo/subdirectory, in

$ORACLE_HOME/precomp/demo/proc/ for Pro*C,
$ORACLE_HOME/precomp/demo/procob/demo/ for Pro*COBOL

Indira A
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