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Problem Downloading RH 7.2 Alpha ISO's

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Problem Downloading RH 7.2 Alpha ISO's

I've recently obtained a DEC Personal Workstation 500a Alpha box, and I'm all on fire to get Red Hat installed on the beastie....

I've found the ftp site to D/L from, and I log on anonymous to grab the ISO's.

I have a problem though...

I D/L the ISO (using BIN mode of course!) and:
1. The d/l does not "terminate" normally. Instead of getting the normal FTP message at the end of the download, I get a message saying that the remote server temintated the connection.

Connection closed by remote host.
ftp> bye

2. Though I get what appears to be the complete byte count - not only can I not burn the ISO, I cannot even view it using a hex editor as the file appears to be "corrupted"

I am attempting to d/l the ISO's to a W2k box and burn them to CD. Is there something special I need to know in order to d/l Alpha ISO images?

I know that Alpha files are "different" from M$ files, but why would the *iso* be so totally different? (an ISO, is an ISO, right??)

Any help would be appreciated!