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Problem compilation pro*c dans HP-UX (B.11.23)

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Problem compilation pro*c dans HP-UX (B.11.23)

Hello everyone,

I am trying to compile a code written in  c and  pro*c on HP-UX 11.23 and oracle 10g

my code is composed of 2 files :
1- dbtools.pc : its compilation with proc is ok  and give me dbtools.c
2- src.c : call the functions in  dbtools.c

I compile mycode src.c with the commande : aCC -lclntsh +DD64 -w src.c -o xpl
the compilation show the error :
error #2140: too many arguments in function call
sqlcxt((void **)0, &sqlctx, &sqlstm, &sqlfpn);

! this function is written by proc compiler in dbtools.pc like this :
extern sqlcxt ( void **, unsigned int *, struct sqlexd *, struct sqlcxp * );

So for this i added all the oracle's lib in the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH but this error still exists and i am blocked

Can someone help please !

Thanks in advance.

Dennis Handly
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Re: Problem compilation pro*c dans HP-UX (B.11.23)

>I am trying to compile code written in C

> aCC -lclntsh +DD64 -w src.c


If in C, you should use cc to compile.

Libraries should go last.  Also remove -w to see if any warnings help you find your error.

You may want to generate a .i file to see if that gives you a clue: -E -.i

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Re: Problem compilation pro*c dans HP-UX (B.11.23)