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Problem creating a new database

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Occasional Contributor

Problem creating a new database


I??m trying to install a new database (oracle 8.1.7 on a hp-ux 11i system) using the dbassist utility, but I cant find where to set the target directory. I guess dbassist just use $ORACLE_HOME, since it allways try to install the new db in that folder. The problem is that /opt/oracle lvol is currently full, and I??m not allowed to resize it, so I want to install the database in another lvol. ??How can I do that?

thx in advance
Tom Jackson
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem creating a new database


Can you create a soft link from /opt/oracle to another partition with more space?

samir hamshari
Occasional Contributor

Re: Problem creating a new database

You could try to create the database manaualy, using a create script rather than using dbassist. This way you have full control of where to place your datafiles.

Valued Contributor

Re: Problem creating a new database


make dbassist to create script files on a temp directory rather than creating the database and then edit the scripts files to change locations of all datafiles. now you should be able to create the database in right mount points by running <scriptname> file that was created by dbassit.