Problems Installing Debian Linux (woody) on a c3000

Mike Moody
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Problems Installing Debian Linux (woody) on a c3000

I'm getting a HPMC ( High Priority Machine Check) error on my c3000 workstation just after the machine starts booting into the PALO, before I get into the installer program. I have read that there is an issue doing the install on a HP Visualize c3000 workstation with the internal IDE cdrom drive. In a thread that I read on linuxcare's Errata (for the 0.9.3 Release) it suggested running the install from a SCSI drive instead.

I have installed an external SCSI cdrom to run the install from and seem to get the same HPMC (High Priority Machine Check) error when the kernel is loading through the Palo loader, at the time of the failure, it appears to query the IDE drive (as in the lights on the drive light up then the error appears) so I disconnected the power from the IDE cdrom thinking that the kernel wouldn't see it. However the HPMC error happens either way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Mike