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Problems running Netapp sim on SUSE ia64 vm.

Honored Contributor

Problems running Netapp sim on SUSE ia64 vm.

As a mini project i'm trying to see if I can get a Netapp sim running on a Linux ia64 vm

VM host = HPUX 11.31 running on a rx2620

VM release = T2767CC B.04.20 Integrity VM

VM guest = SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (ia64)

NetApp Sim Release = 7.3.4

When starting the netapp sim I get

PANIC: Unable to remap to /dev/zero: Invalid argument
version: NetApp Release 7.3.4: Thu May 27 15:43:26 PDT 2010
cc flags: L
dumpcore: Unable to remap to /dev/zero: Invalid argument

The startup script runs ./maytag.L -q -p1 -Z -f -M 512

So I checked Libraries which look ok.

linux-vm1:/sim # ldd maytag.L => /lib/ (0x55580000) => /lib/ (0x555b0000)
/lib/ (0x55550000)

Any ideas? I know the sim isnt written specifically for ia64 but it would be nifty if i could get it working.
The only other idea I have is to use a older linux release and see if that works.