Problems with dual boot (RedHat 9)

Michal Pytka
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Problems with dual boot (RedHat 9)

I have one disk in my notebook with Windows XP Professional.
Yesterday I installed RedHat 9.
I have installed Lilo boot loader on first sector of boot partition as it is said in Installation Guide (default boots Windows, 5 seconds delay to choose system).
When pc starts I don't see a menu do choose system to boot. Windows always starts up. To boot RedHat, I need boot diskette.

1.Should I install Lilo on MBR?
2. If I do, doesn't it destroy data on ntfs Windows partition?

Mark Grant
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Re: Problems with dual boot (RedHat 9)

Personally, I always install LILO on the MBR. It won't destroy any windows specific stuff. It is just a boot loader and will give you the choice of which OS to boot. However, make sure you have an entry for windows Xp in /etc/lilo.conf. If not, then edit it to include your windows partition and run "lilo".
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Re: Problems with dual boot (RedHat 9)

Lately I have installed and or set up Grube on various Linux system desktop's and lpatop some of theses dual boot W98 and W2K I havent had any problem, I have not tryed this on XP, but do not see why this should be a problem.

I find lilo is easy to setup compare to Grube, but then this could be the learning curve I have used lilo for year's now

If you choise is grube then help can be found with the command

#info grube


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Jerome Henry
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Re: Problems with dual boot (RedHat 9)

Yes, you have to install on MBR, as NTLDR (NT loader) is already here. Your linux loader (lilo) will replace it, offering you choice between win and linux.
As friends say, grub is better than lilo, which is not maintained anymore...
It won't destroy your datas, as MBR is the first sector of the HD, which contains partitions list (won't be altered), and loader (choice menu)...


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Alexander Chuzhoy
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Re: Problems with dual boot (RedHat 9)

First of all tere's no problem to install lilo or grub in the MBR-I currently have such configuration on my laptop (XP+Redhat9).It doesn't destroy data only rebuilds the MBR.
1.For grub edit the file /etc/grub.conf and add if needed the definition of Windows.Then simply issue grub-install /dev/hda at the command prompt to install grub in the MBR.
2. For lilo edit the file /etc/lilo.conf
and add if needed the definition of Windows XP. Then run lilo -v

You can also have Windows's Boot manager to boot both Operating systems:
see where is you boor parition mounted under linux.
For example if it's mounted under /dev/hda2
dd if=/dev/hda2 of=/bootsect.lnx bs=1024 count=1
this will create a file bootsect.lnx under /
Then copy this file to a diskette ,boot into windows and copy on NTFS partition-let's say in c: .
Then edit the file c:/boot.ini and add a line to it:
c:\bootsect.lnx="RedHat 9"
save this file and reboot.
Of course by default boot.ini is read only so you'll have to change it.
best regards.
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Re: Problems with dual boot (RedHat 9)

In addition to all disscusion I could
said, that I have used double-booted
configuration for a long time. But
recently deside to use Linux Red Hat
,installed on VMware on Win XP. This way I'm using both OS as 2 different mashines.
It is very convinient for more cases,
especially like learning&experimenting environment.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Problems with dual boot (RedHat 9)

I do not believe in dual booting.

The reason is I use Linux in a server format, and need it to be there all the time.

I was however forced by money to build a box, just like you tried.

I tried your steps and it did not work. I believe this is becasue XP has been designed to interfere with Linux. But Bill Gates's is not scared of penguin's is he?

I solved the problem by wiping the disk, installing Linux 7.3 with grub into the primary partition. Then I booted to the XP Pro CD and forced it to install into the partition I left over for it.

When grub controls the boot, XP can't seem to screw things up the way Microsoft wanted to.

I happily handed the computer over to the customer, cashed the check and thanked G-d I didn't have to run the box.

The methodology will however accomplish your goal.

Steven E Protter
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