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Problems with "make"

Sally Devine
Frequent Advisor

Problems with "make"


I am trying to install xinetd and of course you have to run ./configure (which picks up that it is an hpux 11.0 system). The problem is that the Makefile calls for make -C which is an invalid switch for make. I tried just taking it out and it bombed. Does anyone know what the -C does and if there is an equivalent in HPUX's make?

Sally Devine
Frequent Advisor

Re: Problems with "make"

Sorry, must have clicked on databases by accident. I will try the proper forum.

Mark Greene_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems with "make"

According to my copy of the o'reilly book on make (1993), there is no -C (nor -c) option for make.

Can you post the exact line from the makefile where you are seeing this?

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Marco Paganini
Respected Contributor

Re: Problems with "make"

Hello Sally

Try downloading GNUmake from the HP porting Centre at

PS: make -C changes to the destination dir before it tries to use the Makefile file. It's a heavily used feature in multi-directory projects.

Hope it helps,
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