Problems with ze5170 and linux

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Problems with ze5170 and linux

I have several problems with Linux and ze5170
- i'm not able to install any version of redhat > 7.3. When i try to install, i cant move beyond stage 1 when there is a text message that asks if there is any PCI devices installed. i'm doing a normal GUI install not an expert install. the only option i give when booting is the idebus=66
- as usual, modem has no driver
- i'm not sure if this is the problem of the mobility radeon, but games like tux racer and chromium run like a slideshow.
- the vga=791 doesnt seem to work for me. i can see the terminal in 4 faded split screens

please help me
Andrew Cowan
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Re: Problems with ze5170 and linux

The two boot options that come to mind are nopcmcia and noacpi. These seem to confuse the boot/install process.

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