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Proccess System Management Homepage

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Proccess System Management Homepage

Hi everyone, I don't know if this question goes here, so thanks if someone move it to the right forum.

I was trying to display user list using the Graphical Interface of System Management Homepage, in the auditing section, I saw that the command that was running was /usr/sam/lbin/samx -s ts_users /usr/sam/lib/C/ts.ui but the page din´t load.


After a fer hours the person called me and told me that the /var was at 100%, after looking I didn't find anything cosuming disk space but in the proccess list was this command still executing /usr/sam/lbin/samx -s ts_users /usr/sam/lib/C/ts.ui so I killed it and when I execute bdf var directory had free space again.


I was wondering if someone knows why this can happen.


Thanks in advance for any help.


Dennis Handly
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Re: Process System Management Homepage

>/var was at 100%, I didn't find anything consuming disk space ... so I killed it and /var had free space again.


This can happen if an open file is unlinked.  The file space is actually freed when the process exits.

You could use lsof to find this unlinked file.


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Re: Proccess System Management Homepage



As already recommended the lsof utility can be used to see the samx process's open files.   However, this sounds very much like a known problem for HP-UX 11.31 (QXCR1000850833), where samx can create a very large file under /var/opt/hpsmh/session/###/.   


If the above symtoms match then installing the following sam and OBAM patches (or later) should resolve this problem:


  • PHCO_41865: 11.31 cumulative SAM patch

  • PHSS_41582: 11.31 cumulative OBAM patch

I hope this helps.




Greg Blackmer


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