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Process Resource Manager dont work


Process Resource Manager dont work

hi to all,

I have many problems whith process resource manager. I maked a new prm.conf file whith two new groups: "pruebas" and "nuevos":


the specifications are:
- PRM C.03.04 hpux_11.23 prmconfig
- IA64, hp-ux 11i v2
- 1 GB RAM
- 1 Processor

however i can`t manage the memory and CPU resources for these groups and comands defined in to the prm.conf

attached to the configuration file

thanks in advance
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Process Resource Manager dont work


How about some error codes or logs from PRM.

Note that 1 GB of RAM is not a heck of a lot to work with these days. There may not be a lot PRM can do under the circumstances.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: Process Resource Manager dont work

thanks for answer so quickly,
I know about the ram but is only a test.

there isn't error codes and the syslog didn't show anything wrong, simply, when enable PRM and run some commands like "dd" or "file", the CPU cosume all the resources, the wio is higest and nothing about my configuration run correctly.

ie, the thresholds set for CPU, memory, disk and commands do not apply

thank you very much
M. Coffey
Occasional Visitor

Re: Process Resource Manager dont work

This doesn't seem like a valid test of PRM. I believe that HP-UX 11i v2 itself requires about 2 GB of memory to run effectively. Activating a configuration that divides up 1 CPU and 1 GB of memory won't provide a good test of PRM's capabilities.

Also, the PRM configuration that you posted has the dd program running in the the PRUEBAS group, but that group only has 1% of the available CPU resources.

The PRM User's Guide, available at, includes a chapter on how PRM manages resources, both CPU and memory.

Re: Process Resource Manager dont work

seems logical but doesn't found minimum requirements to working with PRM. So, I will try out in another machine whith any more resources.

I thought that this threshold for the program dd could compare the values of the system performance before and after applying the settings and verify that the system would not be so affected.

thanks a lot


Re: Process Resource Manager dont work

thanks to closed