Pulling my hair out converting programs

Ronald Cylkowski
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Pulling my hair out converting programs

Hello all, our old HP system is on the virge of a crash, and the backup tape is broken, so i decided to install linux and set up eloquence on it and everything (im a guru with linux) Initially about 20 programs didn't run right, not bad considering we have hundreds. I got it down to 3 programs. They all have error code -1 or 56, meaning the database isnt there, but it is! I did the dbexport -v -c -r BLAH for all 5 of our database, i tar'd them up, and then transferred them. 9 hours and 50 megabytes later, it was done. I transferred it to the linux box via network, 2 minutes later that was done. Untarred it into a tmp dir,and then did a dbimport -v -u dba BLAH for all the databases, all of them went fine. When i try to run 1 program, it says error 56 on line 1600, 1600 is
meaning erase the database EXPEN in volume DATA. When i look at the debug logs it shows that /opt/eloquence6/share/accutrak.files/EXPEN does not exist, and it doesnt, what am i doing wrong here? I've been messing with it for a couple days and i just cant figure it out.
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Re: Pulling my hair out converting programs


Why do you do a dbexport and dbimport. Just
make a tar file of your mount points from your
database and transfer the tar file to the
linux machine. Setup the mount points on your
linux box the same as your old machine.