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Quad port to DOS?

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Quad port to DOS?

Don't ask why, but I need to port Quad to DOS (if someone already knows of an existing port, that would solve my problem big time!). I'm rewriting it in Perl, which I'll then compile with Activestate's Developer Kit. My problem is that I haven't seen a 3000 in years, and really need the Quad manual that it blasts out. Basically, it will be my specs. I've already got the "Text", "List", "Keep" and "Exit" commands working (hey, it's a start). If *anyone* out there can email me ( the Quad help manual, I'd be forever grateful.

A cut-and-pasted example of a little Quad editing session would be nice also (so I can remind myself of the error and confirmation messages, banners, etc.).

P.S. You had to ask why, didn't you? Well, I'm Telnetting into NT a lot lately, and EDLIN is your only choice for editing files in an NT Telnet session. Need I say more?
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Re: Quad port to DOS?

Your wish is my command. See attached files.
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Re: Quad port to DOS?

and here is the second file.
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Re: Quad port to DOS?


Good God, there is *no* way I'm going to implement *all* of Quad's features. I forgot about all that customization stuff. But this is *exactly* what I craved.

Now my only wish is to see a transcript of a sample editing session in Quad (complete with errors, initial and final banners, command confirmations, etc.)...

Soon I will be Quadding again--nyah-hah-HAH!!!
If you can't say something nice, say something surreal.
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Re: Quad port to DOS?

what else do you need samples of?


QUAD -- JHK, HP San Diego, March 1986 -- Type H for help

File unnumbered
Record length: 80 bytes
Number of records: 1355
File code: 0
/l 1/5
1 *
2 * Hughes Network System ASP Configuration file
3 *
/l 1/5 offline
5.1 tr
5.2 gttnh
5.3 dghdgt
5.4 gdhgdh
5.5 //
/k zufav
Numbered keep to ZUFAV.PCOURRY.SYS
1359 lines kept

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Re: Quad port to DOS?

Ok, this one is worth AT LEAST another 10 points.

Jim Kramer at Lund Performance Solutions is the original author. He turned the source code over to Ken Stout of Summit Information Corp. in Corvallis at (541) 758-5888

Jim has no problems with turning over the source code to you for a port to another operating system and said to mention his name to Ken.

Now here is the fly in the ointment. The source code is in SPL. :) If that is not enough to daunt you, it should be. Be of stout heart, I wish you luck translating it.