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Question about HP4 printers

Mike Terryberry_1
Occasional Visitor

Question about HP4 printers

Is there any way to prevent the HP4M printer (with HP JetDirect card) from
propogating IPX traffic on a network?

We are using JetAdmin v2.53 and it only gives you two options for protocol
traffic behaviour - Novell (IPX/SPX) and All. Is there perhaps an updated
JetAdmin program that allows you the option of including/excluding individual

- Mike
Gerard Laygui
Frequent Advisor

Re: Question about HP4 printers


You may need to flash the firmware on your JetDirect card. Doing this enables
the JetDirect card to use more than IPX/SPX. Other protocols available are
TCP/IP and DLC. On some models AppleTalk is also available. The firmware
upgrade is a must if you want the JetDirect card to do more. Advice for doing
this upgrade:

1. Do this on the same network segment. Make sure you are not going across a
router else this simple firmware flash will become very difficult.

2. Do this when there is not too much network traffic.

Hope this helps you out,