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Question about Internt Explorer

Travis McClellan
Frequent Advisor

Question about Internt Explorer

First off, if this is not an appropriate question to be asking in this forum I apologize. I'm just looking for as many suggestions as to a solution to my problem as possible.

I have a user who is unable to reach the Net thru our network. I checed out the IE settings, the network settings, and even browsed around microsft's website a bit. I know I am missing something to check, but what? All of the other users we have seem to be fine. Thanks for all yur help.
Brett Beggs
Occasional Advisor

Re: Question about Internt Explorer

There are a few things you might want to check.

1. Verify that the computer has a valid ip address (you can do this by going to a command prompt and typing ipconfig)

2. Verify that the client pc can ping external domain names and/or external ip addresses (from the command prompt, try this: ping If you can ping this site, then you should be able to reach the address via IE.

3. I always recommend removing all the proxy settings (unless you are running a proxy server). You can acomplish this by clicking tools-internet options. Go tot he connections tab, then 'LAN settings'. Make sure everything is unchecked.

Let me know if this helps

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