Question about Secure Path v3.0c & RedHat Enterprise 3

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Question about Secure Path v3.0c & RedHat Enterprise 3


We are installing Oracle 9i RAC on two Proliant DL380G3 systems using RedHat Enterprise Server 3.0.

We want to implemente Secure Path v3.0c in the previos system layout, but HP told us this:

"There is an issue with memory management in the RH V3.0-U1 release that is exacerbated when run with multipathing (failover/failback). For this reason the Secure Path V3.0C IS NOT SUPPORTED with any RedHat V3 kernels."

I have been searching in, but I can not find a bug associated with this issue. I must give my customer a timeline about secure path v3.0c on redhat enterprise server 3.0

Any idea?

Thank you for your support
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Question about Secure Path v3.0c & RedHat Enterprise 3

Its a securepath bug. Thats an hp product and bugs are not likely to be found in bugzilla. HP is blaming the kernel but its probably more likely they just have to adapt their program.

I've noticed a lot of hardware and software has been a little slow to get up to date for RH 3.X. Its a rock solid product and its time for HP and others to get the lead out. (obviously, my opinion).

You have to wait for HP to fix it. I believe they plan to.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Question about Secure Path v3.0c & RedHat Enterprise 3

Root cause has not been found so there is no estimate yet. Some bugs are "private".
Jonathan E. Deady
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Re: Question about Secure Path v3.0c & RedHat Enterprise 3

Can you tell me what the bug symptoms are? I have four Proliant G3's and this morning the datacenter staff notified me that one of them was unreachable via network. I verified that and was told by a co-worker that the console complains of an init id 1 process spawning too fast. These servers were just recently built to HP's best practices guidlines and the Secure Path Client was installed.

Only one can't boot and the customers concern is this is a result of the Secure Path bug. Yet no description of the bug was given to my knowledge and the other three are running just fine.

I can say that it seems from lack of evidence of a clean reboot in /var/log/messages that the rack or this server alone lost power and since can't reboot. The customer is pushing me for a definitive answer as to weather or not these difficulties are in anyway related to the bug mentioned in the Secure Path release notes.

My feeling is they are not related since the other three servers which are identical coninue to work fine.