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Question about global-cshrc

Andrew Kaplan
Super Advisor

Question about global-cshrc

Hi there --

Is the /usr/local/etc/global-cshrc file exclusive to HP-UX, or is it also used in other distributions?
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James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Question about global-cshrc

Hi Andrew:

I believe you mean the global '.cshrc' file, and yes, then, it applied to the C-shell at large; not just for HP-UX.

By the way you might read:


Honored Contributor

Re: Question about global-cshrc

/usr/local/etc/global-cshrc is not part of the HP-UX OS distribution. It is probably something that was adopted at your site by previous administrators.
For the c-shell, /etc/csh.login is what gets executed upon user login. Look in there maybe you will find references to global-chsrc