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RAC problem if one node down

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RAC problem if one node down


I've 2 nodes HP-UX11i with MC/ServiceGuard & 10g RAC.

When nodeA fails (power or network), listenerA
package failovers to nodeB : ipA is then activated on node B and the command "lsnrctl reload name_listener" is executed on nodeB according to HP-UX doc and metalink notes (247963.1 & 249213.1)

In fact what bothers me is that if I've got more than 2 nodes this can't work : I can't reload the listener on all surviving nodes.

My question is : how can I trigger with MCSG an action on all surviving nodes when 1 node fails (1 package failover) ?

I hope the question is not too vague
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Re: RAC problem if one node down

I am trying to understand your question.
How many nodes are there in the cluster?? How package failover is configured?? If RAC on nodeA is configured to failover to nodeB, the listener will start on nodeB only. (virtual ip now will be owned by nodeA)

There is no need to start listener on all hosts that are under cluster.

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Re: RAC problem if one node down

We only have 2 nodes in the cluster but I'm trying to figure out how to make it work if some day we add another node : we should then reload the listener on all surviving nodes (according to metalink note 247963.1).

Right now, if nodeA fails, RAC_instance_pkgA fails, listener_pkgA failover on nodeB. When listener_pkgA starts on nodeB :
- vipA is activated on nodeB
- the command "lsnrctl reload listener_name" is executed on nodeB
Julio Yamawaki
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Re: RAC problem if one node down


As you configured RAC to work with listener failover, if you have more than two nodes, you MUST specify in what order you want listener to be reloaded in case of failover.
Just put in package.conf what nodes and what order you want:
NODE_NAME primary_node
NODE_NAME first_failover_node
NODE_NAME second_failover_node

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Re: RAC problem if one node down

One option is

add apropriate remsh commands to the customer defined run commands section in your package control files so that ,
it does an remsh to other nodes and executes the listener reload commands .

Is this what you are looking for ?

Thanks BL.
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