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Occasional Advisor


Hi evry one,
My organization want to impelement Oracle 9i RAC on our current systems, which they are hp 9000 Nclass series.
I will realy appretiate that some body tell me what are the steps of doing so starting from the begining to the end step by step with the proper documentation
Do it always right
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor


I strongly encourage you to study this from the Oracle. It's their (large) product. They have extensively documented it. The doc is accesible by all (quick signup) online.
A possible starting point:

Real Application Clusters Installation Overview:

Real Application Clusters Concepts

RAC Home

Openworld 2003 presenations:

Real Application Clusters Administration:

Good luck,
Occasional Advisor


Thank U for the replay but i need your obenian in the network configuration,
we have two Gigabit cards one ethernet card
we had gave the hartbeat adress for the giga bit cards and the user adress to the other gigabit card.
the ether net card we gave the standby adress for it.
now, my quistion is how we configure the RAC to use the gigabit card adress, and how we will be sure that the interconnection is using that card?
Thank U again.
Do it always right