RAID not seen on DL160 G6 RHEL5.3

lance deverich
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RAID not seen on DL160 G6 RHEL5.3


I'm trying to install RHEL5.3 on a new DL160 and am not having much luck. I configured the hardware RAID to 0+1, all looks good there, then I try to load the OS with the cpq_cciss-3.6.20-20.rhel5.x86_64 driver. All seems to install just fine, but when the anaconda dialog gets to the selection of OS destination, I am shown the 4 separate member drives rather than a single array. Any ideas where I'm going astray?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: RAID not seen on DL160 G6 RHEL5.3

Hi Lance

I think the driver is not working, do you have the latest version ?

Jimmy Vance
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Re: RAID not seen on DL160 G6 RHEL5.3

Check out the driver download page.

Depending on what RAID controller you have cciss may not be the correct driver.

Since your seeing 4 disks, I doubt you have a Smart Array controller. The Smart Array controller is hardware RAID. The OS doesn't really see the disks. You probably have one of the embedded SATA RAID controllers which are software based RAID. Without the driver you will see the disks as individual disks.

I try to avoid the Software RAID controllers as the drivers are usually in binary form only which means you can't upgrade errata kernels till a new driver is released.

The cciss driver for the Smart Array controllers is open source and is part of the kernel tree so all the distributions generally include it.

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