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RAM per user

Frequent Advisor

RAM per user

Some body know the requirement of ram per each user, using Oracle 8.1.7 ?

The old calculation was:

Oracle(up to 1.5MB/user x number of user)
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paul courry
Honored Contributor

Re: RAM per user

Issac, cram as much RAM into that machine as you can afford. First bank HP foor support reasons, the rest high quality 3rd party memory, such as Strategic Memory Solutions .

RAM is the cheapest performance enhancer you can buy, more so than CPU or disk or SCSI channels. You can't have too much.
Steve Slade
Frequent Advisor

Re: RAM per user

Isaac, I would say that it depended on what your application did, and how many memory structures - pl/sql tables, etc. you have and how you use them.

I tend to use two sources :

The oracle DBA tables v$sesstat, v$statname and v$session, can give you a good indication of what Oracle thinks its using.

Alternatively, you could look at analysing a couple of dedicated server processes (oracle), from a HPUX perspective, to say how much they are actually, using. (NB. When looking at this you need to take into consideration the amount of memory taken up by the Oracle application itself. There is a tech note on metalink, but I think you basically subtract the figure given from :

size oracle

from the memory reported per process.
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Re: RAM per user

Steve is correct, memory usage can vary a lot
depending on application code.

It is not uncommon to see 20megs per user
or even more.

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