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RGS Client enable remote usb

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RGS Client enable remote usb

Hello everybody,

sorry for my english. I´m from Germany but I hope you understand whats my problem.

I have RGS Client under Linux to Connect a HP Blade Workstation for CAD Software SolidWorks. I cannot mount my 3DConnexxion Spacepilot because Enable Remote USB is disabled and I cannot enable this feature. I don´t have found any information about RGS Enable Remote USB und Linux.

Can you help me?

Greetings Wolfgang
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Re: RGS Client enable remote usb

I have never used HP Remote Graphics Software, but I found three possible causes by browsing through the RGS User Guide:

1.) The list of supported USB devices in Appendix B includes "HP SpacePilot" but not "3DConnexxion Spacepilot". Both may in fact be manufactured by the same production line, but if they have different USB identifiers and the RGS only allows supported devices for remote access, this might be a problem. (See page 226 of the above-mentioned RGS User Guide.)

2.) The list of supported USB devices specifies minimum RGS versions required: on a HP Blade Workstation, RGS 4.0.2 would be required to enable remote access to Human Interface Devices (which is the USB device category of the Spacepilot).

3.) When the RGS Sender was installed on the remote computer, it's apparently possible to enable or disable remote USB access.

If the remote USB access was disabled when the Sender was installed, a Sender re-installation seems to be required to enable it. (I guess this would definitely cause the "Enable Remote USB" option to be disabled on the Receiver side.)

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Re: RGS Client enable remote usb


thank you for your answer.

1.) It doesn´t work any USB-Device because I cannot enable the remote USB feature.

2.) In the User Guide on Appendix B USB devices supported by RGS I found

2. Clients based on Windows.

Hmm, it´ really pity.

3. The Features for sender enable usb remote etc. is OK because on a windows based system the function is enabled