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RH 80 on Compaq n610c laptop.

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RH 80 on Compaq n610c laptop.


Has anyone installed RedHat 8.0 on Compaq N610c laptop..?

Because I am able to get the X working but its not clear..?

What is monitor type we should select in this..?

Please help.

Thanks & Regards
Jean-Pierre Denis
Valued Contributor

Re: RH 80 on Compaq n610c laptop.


look at the technical specification sheet and find the max resolution and the refresh rate in MHZ.

You could them set it up with one resolution lower then the max one and at the refresh specify by Compaq ( 60, 67 ?? )

Usally a generic or default monitor would do the job.

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Kjartan Maraas
Valued Contributor

Re: RH 80 on Compaq n610c laptop.

I've got a n600c and I've always gone with the generic LCD ones and they've worked for me. 1400x1050 is the optimal resolution for that model, not sure if it's the same for yours. running redhat-config-xfree86 should "just work" (tm), if not I think you should file a bug at

Btw, RHL 9 is out and has a newer XFree and kernel which may help in some cases with problematic laptops, also using a current BIOS helps in some situations.