RH9.0 on Compaq Evo1015v

Tomasz Zasiński
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RH9.0 on Compaq Evo1015v

Hello, I have Compaq Evo1015v.
I want install RH9.0 on this notebook, but instaler dont recognite DVD-ROM.
How install RH linux ?
Andrew Bruce
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Re: RH9.0 on Compaq Evo1015v


Some more information would be useful ;-) e.g.:

How are you trying to install Redhat? Are you booting from the DVD? Does it boot OK from the CD? At what point does Redhat not recognise the DVD drive?

Booting from CD/DVD is a feature you need to enable in the system BIOS. Have you done this?

If it all fails, have you considered installing over a network? You could boot from a floppy image (burnt from files suplied in the Redhat distro), and point to an FTP server and install that way (or NFS, for that matter)...

Let me know how you get on...


I Love it when a plan comes together!
Markus Koskimies
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Re: RH9.0 on Compaq Evo1015v

I have just the same problems. I have RedHat (probably 9), Slackware 9.0 and Mandrake 9.1 installation CDs.

RedHat: It boots, but when installation should start, it complains, that it can't find RedHat CD. This is probably due to some kind of IDE sleep problem. I have tried to boot with "linux nomce ide=nodma pci=biosirq".

Slackware: It boots and gives prompt, but doesn't find HD (for fdisk), neither CD. Probably due to same IDE sleep problem.

Mandrake: When using the same parameters, it boots and succesfully loads the graphical installation program from CD. But when installation should start, it hangs - probably again with the reason, that it can't access HD/CD.

I have no access to network from that computer, so network installation is out of question.

Neither I have another Linux machine, which could be used to compile a working kernel and a floppy root image to start Slackware installation.