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RHEL 3 to RHEL 5 migration

bharath jayachandran
Occasional Visitor

RHEL 3 to RHEL 5 migration

Hi Team,

We are planning to migrate our LINUX server from RHEL 3 to RHEL 5. What are the configuration difference between RHEL 3 to RHEL 5 for webserver installations? Any ideas will be appreciated.

Honored Contributor

Re: RHEL 3 to RHEL 5 migration


Backup your existing user and application/data filesystems (web tree). If those are on separate LVM VGs or disk partitions or disks - then it will likely be preserved and scannable/mountable following your RHEL 5 install.

It will however be best to recreate the VGs and filesystems and restore your web tree/apps. Reason is there are newer filesystems in RHEL5 which could be of interest to you.

As for your web server, RHEL comes with its own Apache/httpd server - ready to config or re-serve your web apps. If your web app is web server agnostic then the better. If it has hooks to Apache - i.e. custom modules, tomcat, jakarta, etc -- then I guess it will be a minor reconfig for the web master.

Hakuna Matata.
bharath jayachandran
Occasional Visitor

Re: RHEL 3 to RHEL 5 migration

Hi Team,

Thanks for quick response.

i) I have a RHEL 3 server with apache installed. My URL is redirecting to RHEL-3.
ii) I also have RHEL-5 server with apache installed. Now I want to redirect the URL to RHEL-5 server.
iii) Moving .conf file from RHEL-3 to RHEL-5 and updating the .conf file with IP address of RHEL-5 will redirect to RHEL-5 server? Or any other configuration changes required?

Thanks again,
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: RHEL 3 to RHEL 5 migration


There is no migration. Technically you can boot off media and update.

What you will end up with is a mess of trouble, a server that won't work right with yum and a downed web server.

Best bet is to build new servers with rhel 5 and then migrate the content.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation