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RHEL 5- installation number

Courtney Duncan
Occasional Advisor

RHEL 5- installation number


For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 there is a new concept of using an installation number made by Red Hat at installation.
I have a couple of questions.

1) Is there any use for the installation number after installation at any time (I've read somewhere that possibly you will need it in the event you call IT tech solution for help. They might ask for the number for validation and to verify what packages you have. Even so, is this absolutely necessary, or even true?)I want to be more clear on the use of the number after installation, if any. Do I need to have the number in the future event of getting an upgrade?

2) Is the installation number accessible after installation, meaning is it stored on the server itself or would I have to write it down and keep it. I don't know?

Please offer any information that you believe is helpful.

~Thanks in advance

Courtney Duncan
Occasional Advisor

Re: RHEL 5- installation number

I've got a solution.