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RHEL 6 support for Proliant DL585 and DL585 G2

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Occasional Contributor

RHEL 6 support for Proliant DL585 and DL585 G2

Hi all,

our servers (Proliant DL585 and DL585 G2) are running under RHEL4 but according to RH annoucements they will no longer support RHEL4.

Therefore our plan is to skip RHEL5 and move directly to RHEL6. But without the correct drivers it would be probably imposible...

For DL585 and DL585 G2 I can find only drivers for RHEL5 so far, but for example DL585 G7 there are drivers for RHEL 6.

Can you help me where I can find whether DL585 and DL585 G2 will be supported also for RHEL6? And if yes, then when I can expect the drivers to be available for download?

Thank you.

Honored Contributor

Re: RHEL 6 support for Proliant DL585 and DL585 G2

According to RedHat, RHEL 4 has recently (= in Q1 2011) moved to Production 3 phase of its life cycle.

Security fixes and important bug fixes will still be provided, but no new features nor new hardware support will be added to RHEL 4 any more.

The Production 3 phase will end at the end of February 2012.

You still have the option of extra 3 years of support after that: if you want it, you'll need to buy an Extended Life Cycle Support (ELS) Subscription from RedHat.

I would expect the drivers for older hardware like DL585 (G1) and DL585 G2 to be already included in RHEL 6 by default.

But the easiest way to confirm it is probably to get a RHEL 6 installation DVD and test it: apparently neither HP nor RedHat have tested these older server models with RHEL 6.

Occasional Contributor

Re: RHEL 6 support for Proliant DL585 and DL585 G2

Thank you for the answer.

I posted the same question to proliant-server forum as well. From there I learned that
hp is not planning to officially certify RHEL6 on DL585 (G1) and G2:

What you wrote gives me at least a chance that RHEL6 will work on our servers...there is obviously no other way then try to install it and see what will happen...

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: RHEL 6 support for Proliant DL585 and DL585 G2

>I posted the same question to Proliant-server forum as well.

Your other thread: