RHEL AS 4 Update 2.

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RHEL AS 4 Update 2.


I am in the process of building our first Redhat AS 4 U 2 server. We do have more than 80 servers running AS 3 U5 without any issues.

What are your experiences with AS 4 U2 and what are the main differences between AS 3 U5 and AS 4 U2.

Any valuable comments are appreciated !.

From where i can get a Install Guide etc about AS 4 U2.

Jun Yu
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Re: RHEL AS 4 Update 2.

Hello Silver,

RHEL4U2 is very stable, we've deployed nearly 70+ system for our customer during the past four month.

AS4 Vs AS3: many applications will benefit from EL4's 2.6 kernel, new scheduler, new VM management and process management(lots of advanced feature for enterprise). If your target servers will be the network edge servers(email, gateway...), you'll benefit from EL4's SELinux, strong security mechanisms for individual applications.

If your current AS3 servers work all right, it's no necessary to replace them by AS4. Consider deploy AS4 on your newly purchased servers.

Almost all the useful documents can be found from RedHat's website.
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Re: RHEL AS 4 Update 2.

I agree with Jun Yu, though for most machines I would now go with RHEL4U3 or RHEL3U8. In fact, since you have a wide RHEL3 base, I'd recommend going with RHEL3U8 to minimize and differential training you'd need (unless, there is a specific reason why you need rhel4).