RHL 7.3 kernel upgrade for MC-SG install

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RHL 7.3 kernel upgrade for MC-SG install


I was told that when installing service guard and I get the following error is that my kernel rev is too low. I have installed mcsg on my test boxes and have been running for at least a month. I want to be able to get to the same kernel level but I could not find it anywhere. I'd like the production boxes to look like the test boxes, at least in kernel level. Can anyone point me to a place that this could be downloaded? doesn't have it nor does

The rev level I'm looking for is as follows after doing a uname -a:
Thank you in advance.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: RHL 7.3 kernel upgrade for MC-SG install

I have just installed the kerneil in my production RH 7.3 server for my web hosting business.

It provided good enhancements and allowed by to upgrade iptables, which is really important.

Unless your hardware is really off the wall, you should be able to fire up X, go to Red Hat Update and download and install the kernel.

I tend to stay away from odd releases. 2.4.19.x gave me no end of trouble. Wasn't worth the effort.

Steven E Protter
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Re: RHL 7.3 kernel upgrade for MC-SG install


I agree in the sense that upgrading to a much later release is good. I just want it for consistency. If there would be issues to resolve, we can do it on the test boxes and if successfull we are 100% sure that it will work on the production boxes. Unfortunately I'm unable to test the new kernel on the test boxes since I'm driven by manangement to install mcsg into the production boxes. Thanks again for your input.