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RMAN error on recovery database

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RMAN error on recovery database

I'm having a problem trying to perform recover database.
I've been trying to test incremental updated backups using a flash recovery area. Oracle 10.2.0
The backups have been performed (4 backups) and 2 restores and recovers have been successful however when attempting the 3rd recovery i'm getting the following error when i enter recover database;

RMAN-06004: ORACLE error from recovery catalog database: RMAN-20003: target database incarnation not found in recovery catalog

What i find odd about this is i don't get this error when i perform restore database;

When i look at list incarnation the reset SCN of the current incarnation is a lower number to the SCN i'm using for the recovery.

When i connect to the target and catalog and issue a reset database; (after the first 2 recoveries open reset logs was performed both times) i get the following message

database incarnation already registered

The rman script i was using is below.

run {
set until scn 7708549371263;
restore controlfile;
alter database mount;
restore database;
recover database;

controlfile is restored database goes into mount state and restore database copies the datafiles from the flash recovery area to the correct paths.

I'm not sure what i've done wrong or what to try next. Any idea's?

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Re: RMAN error on recovery database

Can you post all the incarnation of your database?
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Re: RMAN error on recovery database

hi Adrian,

this is related to your database incarnations.

Maybe to fix this, you will have to reset the current incarnation to the desired incarnation

RMAN> list incarnation of database;

RMAN> reset database to incarnation ;

hope this helps!

kind regards
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