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RMAN - simple recover test

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Jeff Ohlhausen
Frequent Advisor

RMAN - simple recover test

Hi all,
I'm just looking to perform a simple recovery test for RMAN. I'm taking online backups right now and just to prove the tape is working correctly I'd simply like to recover an archive log to a different location on the server. I don't want to take the db down or cause any problems to my running system so I'm looking for a simple way to prove the backup is working (and yes, I know full backup tests are essential :) ). Thanks in advance.

Do or do not - there is no try.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: RMAN - simple recover test

Shalom Jeff,

For real proof, you need to restore the entire database, possibly to another server and see if you can bring it up.

You don't need a very fast server for this, it does not matter if the box takes 2 hours to start the database.

Its quite important to see that you can actually connect with sqlplus and pull up records.

copy /etc/oratab and the oracle binaries to a test system.

Restore the database.

Adjust the init.ora to anything that is different, like the path to the data.

Start the database.

Do some simple lookup tests.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Frank de Vries
Respected Contributor

Re: RMAN - simple recover test

If you do not want to take down the existing db, you must do the test to another node.

Before you do the restore the db to an other node,
obtain the following from your existing
Alter database backup controlfile to trace
in the udump directory you will find a blueprint of your controlfile with path and name of datafiles. (Very handy)

If you didn't configure rman to change the
datafile path you can do it yourself.
Bring oracle to a mounted state and
rename the datafiles accordingly on your
new node.

Once you bring it up ,see if you can do an full export as well. (Say you wanted to restore some vital tables back to the original db)

Or you can create a db link between the clone and the existing and pump data's accross based on simple or complex query.

It is good to know you master all that.
A restore is one thing, to apply the correct
recover scenario is another.

Good luck
Look before you leap
Jeff Ohlhausen
Frequent Advisor

Re: RMAN - simple recover test

Hi all,
Thanks for the great suggestions. However, I'm also very sure there is a way to restore a backed up and deleted archive log to the file system. Anyone know that command?
Do or do not - there is no try.
Frank de Vries
Respected Contributor

Re: RMAN - simple recover test

You can restore an archive log,
but they are in sequence. So you
cannot skip one.

You can also recover up to a certain point,
either time based or scn based.
It will then prompt you for the archive file to provide in sequence.

You find the commands in the recover clause
of the manual.

To restore a single archive log (This can be a redo log as well by the way):

sqlplus> alter database recover logfile '' ;

To to this in Rman you will have to make a
restore script. To place the archive file
from tape to disk and apply the recover command.

Hope this gets you cooking :)
Look before you leap