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RPM Question

Kyle D. Harris
Regular Advisor

RPM Question

I just tried applying a patch with "rpm -ivh filename.rpm" and it said it conflicted with a previous version installed. So i did rpm -Uvh filename.rpm and it went smooth.

My question is I don't understand what the -U or update fully does. Does it basically install or overwrite that file over the previous one that was installed? Thanks in advance!

Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: RPM Question

More than that !

It checks the old package install, overwrite what is written at the same place, and remove what is not necessary anymore ! A pure command, as we say here !


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Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: RPM Question

When doing the RHCE course, the RedHat guy actually suggested that the use of 'i' as a flag was mostly unnecessary, as 'U' would do the same, if not better than 'i'.

Go figure. I'm still of the mind to use 'i' when installing stuff though.
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Vitaly Karasik_1
Honored Contributor

Re: RPM Question

it's simple:

-i install new version without remove old

-U, -F install new version and remove old (they save changed config-files)

Most manuals recommend use "-i" only for kernel packages in order to save old kernel.

For other packages you can use -U and -F.