RPMs from Redhat network

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Joshua Stormberg
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RPMs from Redhat network

I was wondering if any one could tell me whether or not rpms downloaded from rhn would work on an AIX box that has RPM.rte installed on it from the AIX Toolbox, or if you have to find an AIX version of the rpms in order to get them to work. Thanks!
Mark Fenton
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Re: RPMs from Redhat network

Redhat = Linux

I really doubt the two would be very compatible, directly, even if there were a utility that could read the package format.

You might be able to compile the sources, if you're running AIX on i386 or SPARC or some other supported archetecture...

Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: RPMs from Redhat network

I guess "srpms" (source code) and perhaps "noarch" rpms should work. However, don't imagine installing i386 rpms : as far as I know, AIX is not yet running Intel i386 platforms.

To summarize : just try and see...

Good luck.
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Joshua Stormberg
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Re: RPMs from Redhat network

ok, Thanks for the help!

Re: RPMs from Redhat network

First things first, how did you find your way onto _HP_'s website to ask how to install _Redhat_ RPM's on _AIX_?

I assume you may already know this, but AIX is IBM which falls under the "none of the above" choice (Answer E).

Now to attempt to help you out a little (I am neither an expert on Redhat or AIX) but I assume you are using AIX 5L.

Redhat = Linux
AIX 5L = AIX + Linux

You will want to direct your attention to the Redbooks series located on IBM's website. Below is the link for "Running Linux Applications on AIX"


Hopefully the message board won't mangle the url too bad. Check out the document, but in my quick "once over" I see that you would use the binary and add the RPM with the rpm command. I don't think that the i386 will be a problem, because I imagine that AIX has mapped the i386 system calls to the corresponding AIX system calls.