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RX DTC Download Error

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Matthew Pegge_1
Frequent Advisor

RX DTC Download Error

I have added a new DTC to my system, I can ping the DTC however when I try to download it I get the following message:

co061_1:/ # rdtcreconf
dtc name is co061d02
ip address is

access violation, DTC is not managed by this server

Unfortuately I can not see the status panel on the DTC as it is not in my builidng. What is the problem?
Chris Wilshaw
Honored Contributor

Re: RX DTC Download Error

The internal config of the DTC is not set up to use the address of your sever as the manager.

Unfortunately, you can only change this by connecting a terminal directly into the back of the DTC and making the changes.

The options you need to change are
Default Manager IP Address ........
Backup Manager IP Address ......... Not Configured