Radeon 340M on a Pavilion ze4375EA


Radeon 340M on a Pavilion ze4375EA


I bought a Pavilion ze4375EA in order to improve my knowledge in the linux world. As many of you, I had a big problem to configure the XF86Config file for the radeon 340M graphic card, in order to have a plain 1400x1050 display.

Now the problem is almost solved. I don't have yet the accelerated functions (some applications are slow), but I can use my linux with a pretty good definition (1400x1050 with 16 bits depth). Now, I can wait for the next kernel version and/or ATI driver !

I spent more than 10 houres to solve the problme. I just want to precise some elements to help other people to do so more quickly than me.

My linux configuration : SuSE 8.2 pro



Jacek (nb 2) gives us a very good hint (force the vesa driver to have a 1400x1050 display). If you keep the standard vesa driver, the one configured by SaX2 (gui used with SuSE), it doesn't work (nothing happen, you keep the 1024x768 definition centered in your screen with a big black frame arround).

You have to mix both references ! You apply Jacek's hint, but you replace the device section by the one from Bruce (see the XF86Config-vesa file link). You realized that Bruce (and Jacek) use a standard vesa driver instead of the SaX2 standard Framebuffer definition (Driver fbdev). I know, it's a lettle bit confusing !

If you paste the correct sections (with the right ModeLine "1400x1050"), the operation will be successful.

I hope my experiences will be useful.

Thanks to Bruce & Jacek !

Jerome Henry
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Re: Radeon 340M on a Pavilion ze4375EA

Thanks for sharing Samuel,

That's what I like most in Linux world.. not the difficulty of configuring, but this help and share spirit.

Tks again.

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