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Raw filesystems with OPS (MC/ Service Guard version)

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Raw filesystems with OPS (MC/ Service Guard version)


One of my client need to implement this configration.
H/w :- HP 9000 L-class servers
S/ws :- HP-UX 11i, OPS EDITION 5.0.6
with MC / Service Guard.

FOR OPS edition it is suggested that to implement with raw file systems.
What are the ways of taking backup. I cannot use tar if it is RAW filesystem. Is OmniBack have a seperate backup option for OPS.? Which is the most reliable option ?

Suggestions are appreciated.
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Stefan Farrelly
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Re: Raw filesystems with OPS (MC/ Service Guard version)

Omniback can backup raw filesystems perfectly fine - its supported. The filesystem should not be in use at the time of the backup though (application closed down or use mirrors, break the mirrors and backup from them).

If you dont want to use Omniback you can simply use the dd command, works fine. (dd if=/dev/vgXX/rlvolYY of=/dev/rmt/ZZ bs=64k)
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