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Reboot after Panic ....

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Reboot after Panic ....

Hi Guy,
i have a problem with my A500-7X with 11.11
with 2Gb of memory , 4 Gb of memory, 2 CPU.

My system have a several reboot after panic in the last month.
Reboot after panic: Data page fault
Reboot after panic: , isr.ior = 0'10240002.0'd374c0e0
Reboot after panic: Instruction page fault
Reboot after panic: Break instruction trap.

I think that the memory is small and that my system need some memory.

root@remhist:/ > swapinfo -tam
dev 4096 1258 2838 31%
reserve - 1152 -1152
memory 1515 966 549 64%
total 5611 3376 2235 60%

What do you think ..!!??
Help me ?
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Re: Reboot after Panic ....


Probably a hardware problem has been crashed the server

For check it, verify if you are some entries in /var/opt/resmon/log/event.log

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Re: Reboot after Panic ....

Get and run q4 againest your crash. (Is there a /var/adm/crash?)

You might be able to decipher the error in reading yourself but HP support will be able to provide a more definitive answer.
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Re: Reboot after Panic ....

In those cases where system is "panicking" the best option is to run the Q4 and the open a support case with HP, they will get you an answer for sure!


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Re: Reboot after Panic ....

Help me about use q4 !!!
how is the command ??
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Re: Reboot after Panic ....

Given that you have had so many different types of failures, its likely going to be a bad CPU.

Look in the file /var/tombstones/ts99

If there is a valid timestamp (i.e. from July) then open a call HP HW support and send them the ts99 file.

Normally, you would walk through the steps of the ITRC document "using_q4" which is OZBEKBRC00000611.
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