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Reconfiguring an A400

Haitham Hamad
Regular Advisor

Reconfiguring an A400

I have an A400 (product A6109A) that I need to reconfigure to allow mirroring. Currently I have

1-9G internal disk 0/0/1/1.15.0
1-18G internal disk 0/0/2/1.15.0
4-(1-18G + 3-9G) external disks connected to an enclosure A3311A (left-side) to 0/2/0 Twin Turbo scsi on the A400

I need to install oracle on this server and thus have 4G disks on one scsi mirrored to 4 other disks (right-side of the enclosure). I see that there is a narrow single ended scsi on the back of the A400 but I don't think I can use that. What are my configuration options to be able to mirror oracle disks as well as the root disk which is on the internal 9G.

thanks in advance

Steve Lewis
Honored Contributor

Re: Reconfiguring an A400

If you have bought Mirrordisk/UX you can put add one disk (the same size as the root disk) to vg00 and mirror that disk in LVM.
I suggest that you keep the Oracle installation separate from vg00 and put all the other disks into one other volume group (vg01).
Use LVM to mirror the logical volumes from disk to disk. Create a spreadsheet of logical volumes and the disks you are going to put them on. It helps you plan and document the installation at the same time.
Mirroring the root disk is highly recommended. If you don't do that then you must install ignite and use make_recovery regularly.
It is slightly more efficient to mirror in LVM than in Oracle.