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Reconfiguring hpasm-7.4.0-56.rhel3

Occasional Contributor

Reconfiguring hpasm-7.4.0-56.rhel3


I wasn't paying attention when I was installing the PSP on my RHESv3.0 server... and the system management homepage got installed without me typing in anything to the prompts.

I can't access the server over the I need to reconfigure this agent. What is the best way of doing this?

I partially ran the script below and del'd out of it as I got nervous about the SNMP warning.

Would appreciate some advise!

# /etc/rc.d/init.d/hpasm reconfigure
Stopping HP Server Management Drivers and Agents, please wait ...

Welcome to the hp System Health Application and Insight Management Agent(hpasm)
package installation. This package contains the hp Advanced Server Management
Application(hpasmd) and hp's SNMP agents. This package is intended to only
function on hp servers with either the ProLiant ASM (0x0E11A0F2) ASIC or the
ProLiant iLO Advanced Server Management (0x0E11B203) ASIC.

Do you wish to continue? (blank is y) y

NOTE: Your SNMP stack can load the 32-bit hp ProLiant Management Extension.
Problems may result from using your distribution's SNMP stack.
See hp Documentation (HOWTO, agent manual) for more details.
Press any key to continue...
Occasional Contributor

Re: Reconfiguring hpasm-7.4.0-56.rhel3


Found the answer in one of the manuals..

Need to run the following:

# perl /usr/local/hp/