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Recover Database

Occasional Visitor

Recover Database

My Prod Database went down because system was shutdown abruptly. Now I can not open database,My database is not in archivelog mode.database is on HP Unix.I dont have a crrent backup.When I try to open am told my System.dbf file is not current
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Recover Database


Seems that you are pretty screwed.

At this point I would suggest contacting support from the database vendor to see if anything can be done.

Knowing the version of Oracle if that is what is installed would be helpful.

Knowing the version of HP-UX and if any backup tapes at all would be helpful as well.

But it would seem its time to admit a screw up and see about an old backup tape that at least limits the amount of data lost.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Occasional Visitor

Re: Recover Database

version Oracle 10g release 2
HP 11 64 tru
last backup is 31st May
Honored Contributor

Re: Recover Database


are you on Oracle Support? If yes, please contact them for a more prompt response.

good luck!
kind regards
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Re: Recover Database


Sorry for bad news.
If your database is not in archivelog mode you cannot restore just system.dfn file from your last backup. You need full consistent (cold) backup (including all *.ctl , redo log and data files).

Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: Recover Database


first of all:

Take a cold backup of all what you have right now ! This includes Controlfiles, Online redologfiles and all datafiles.

Then, if you are very lucky, you might be
successfull to recover the database from the online redologs.

sqlplus / as sysdba
startup mount
recover database

In case you are lucky, since you hopefully do not have a defective file, the recovery will not require an archive log, but will be able to recover from what is in the online redologs (because you just had a system shutdown, an not a defective harddisk).

After successfull recovery, you should be able to open the db normally.

If the file is media coruppted, you will be in trouble, and I have doubts, that the DB will ever be opened again in a consistent way. (This is the case, where you might need the cold backup I mentioned first to give Oracle support several tries to repair it).

In case all goes bad in consistent opening of the database, there are some parameters, that allow to open the database inconsistent.
After that you might be able to export some tables and re-import them to a new created database, but this would require additional logical checks for consitency.

Good luck