Red Hat 8 Linux Install ML350 G3

Stephen Conway
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Red Hat 8 Linux Install ML350 G3

I am trying to install RH 8 Linux on a ML350 G3 server. I am getting error, 'sda not intialized, do you want to initialize first' from the RH installer, when i choose yes, it gives error 'unable to read sda' and it quits.

Any ideas?


G. Vrijhoeven
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Re: Red Hat 8 Linux Install ML350 G3

Hi SC,

You could check this link for more info:



Re: Red Hat 8 Linux Install ML350 G3


seems to me like an RAID - problem.

Let´s talk about your HDD settings.

How many disks are included and what kind of
raid did you use?

I´ve got some DL380R3 with RH8.0 and 9.0 without any problems with built - in RAID controler.
Did you set up your disks tidy?

You kann also download knoppix, see

and try to boot from that.
Can you see the disks after the machine boots knoppix?

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Re: Red Hat 8 Linux Install ML350 G3

you have to make a floppy as it's writted at

at the beginning of the installation, a message
asks to you if you want to use "special" drivers for devices ; so you answer yes and the software will read your floppy
In fact, i don't remember very well the message
but i installed RH8 on a ML350

But you know that RH8 is at end of life ! so may be, it would be better to install fedore core 1 ; it is what i've done and for this distribution, you don't need to make floppy disks ; and it's a wonderfull / powerfull operating system (very similar to RH9)

PS : excuse me for my bad english (i am french)

Re: Red Hat 8 Linux Install ML350 G3

I had install RH9 on a ML350 G3 server with raid 5,the only problem was when it tries to read the source CD.

I would suggest that you boot up from the boot disk. Or you can use Fedora Core 1.