Red Hat 9 on a Netserver LH II?

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Red Hat 9 on a Netserver LH II?

Hi Guys,

I'm going to upgrade from (get rid of ;-) ) NT4 to Red Hat 9 on a Netserver LH II..

Anything I should be wary of before installing?


Colin Topliss
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Re: Red Hat 9 on a Netserver LH II?

I've done it with no problem.

You might like to know that RH9 is now obsolete (so there will be no new patches). If you want to roll this out into production, you'll need to consider RHEL, RHAS, or maybe migrate to SuSE Linux (SLES).

Oh, and AFAIK Netserver are also out of support (its all Compaq kit nowadays). If it breaks, it'll cost you an arm and a leg to repair (we have some in our test bed - when they fail, they'll be used for spares or junked) :-(

Craig Gilmore
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Re: Red Hat 9 on a Netserver LH II?

You probably won't be able to run X on this box.

I have an LD Pro that I have been unable to use X since 7.2 of Red Hat. The box currently runs RHEL 3. But I run X on my laptop, and just use VNC or other X server on the PC and run the client applications.

You want at least 256 MB of memory in the Netserver. I ran on 128MB for a long time but the $45 investment per 128MB is well worth it if you are going to keep the box.

Check what lan card you have installed. I have a VG100 (cutting edge at the time) I've since switched to a $10. 10/100 card from my local computer store.

Keep extra disk drives handy. Most of these disks are out of support, but cheep to buy on eBay. I use a Raid Array for critical files as I have lost a couple of disks from years of use.

You might want to think about upgrading the system if the budget allows.


Steven E. Protter
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Re: Red Hat 9 on a Netserver LH II?

I'd go through the current hardware, nicely provided by NT and see if its certified or at least works in your chosen Linux distribution.

Also, if you WANT to run X, you might be able to get a supported third party graphics card, install it and switch the bios over to use that instead of what it came with.

Thats what I'd do if I needed X.

You can nicely run it as a server without ever using the GUI. The only thing the gui is used for in my web server biz is for the up2date dialogue. Everything else is command line.

Steven E Protter
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