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Red Hat Linux 7.3 and the IMD

Chandies Williamsn
New Member

Red Hat Linux 7.3 and the IMD

Is there a utility that will allow me to configure the Integrated Management Display?

I run RH 7.3 on a Proliant 3000, and am very happy with the complete configuration. I used the Compaq config CD to set most of the options on the IMD, but there are a few items that cannot be set that way (like clearing the log, toggling to the CPU / RAM utilization displays)

I found a newsgroup post dated 2000 that said that function was not available under Linux, I'm hoping that's changed in the last three years.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Red Hat Linux 7.3 and the IMD

Lunux/Unix leaves these tasks up to the system administrator.

With a combination of cron and a few simple scripts, you can trim your log files without much hassle.

You can use gtop in X-Windows to monitor performance or sar scripts to collect performance data.

Hope this helps.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Chandies Williamsn
New Member

Re: Red Hat Linux 7.3 and the IMD

Not exactly, but thanks.

I specifically want to configure the IMD from within the OS.

Ideally, would like to have all bells and whistles it offers under Win NT /2K (which uses the Compaq Remote Management Service.

Even if I have to set up a .conf and pipe the text to a device driver, that would be better than nothing.

At the very least, I want to be able to clear the log that shows on the IMD. (used machine, log shows data from the previous owner, not relevent to this operation)

Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: Red Hat Linux 7.3 and the IMD

If the Proliant 3000 uses the same tools as the ML/DL series (hpasm package), then you should have tools such as 'hplog' and a few other 'cpqiml*' tools (rpm -ql hpasm | grep bin) to do such things.

As for showing the utilisation, I wasn't aware any IML tool did this anyway.
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Chandies Williamsn
New Member

Re: Red Hat Linux 7.3 and the IMD

Well, that didn't work. It couldn't install the rpm.

As a temp measure, I installed Win2k on an old hard drive, then used the IMD utilties to set it.

Anyone know if there is a *nix version of the Compaq Remote Monitor service?