Red-Hat Lunix 9/XAs/FX2 Question

Abbott Vascular
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Red-Hat Lunix 9/XAs/FX2 Question

I have a P-Class workstation, XAs, two CPU, with an FX2 graphics card. I have tried to load RedHad 7.3 and 9, both having problems configuring X-Windows to display properly. There is no specific module for any HP FX-series card, either in the Linux distro or on the XFree86 web site.
Can anybody point me in a direction that will work?

Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: Red-Hat Lunix 9/XAs/FX2 Question


I can confirm that the driver is developed by HP and that there is no XFree86 public driver for Visualize cards.

The problem is HP driver has been developed only for RedHat 7.2, so you should consider downgrading your version.

Here is the URL :

Good luck.

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Ben Neuman
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Re: Red-Hat Lunix 9/XAs/FX2 Question

i don't want to be a naysayer, but your best bet would probably be to get a new card. in all probability the fx series cards work great on hp-ux machines, but they didn't make the transition to x86 very gracefully. the idw2.02 firmware upgrade allows the p-class machines to boot from a pci video card with no agp installed.

i did manage to get the fx5 my p-class came with to run under redhat 7.3, but that doesn't mean the fx2/4/6 will. the hp xserver only allows 24bpp color depth, and only a few different (massive) resolutions. in addition to theses things you can't drop to a terminal, so a graphical login means no terminals.

to it's credit, although lacking some features the fx/5 did outperform almost everything else i've ever seen in the raw power department, but it doesn't deal well with transparency, and other things.

again i'm not sure about the fx2, but the fx5 required building the kernel modules, DOWNGRADING xfree86, manually linking all the libraries and the server. i posted a walk through of how i got mine working, the link is:,,0x624cc4c76f92d611abdb0090277a778c,00.html