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John Dayton_1
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RedHat 6.1 not finding onboard NIC

We just purchased LC2000s and LH3000s. In attempting to install RedHat 6.1, we are unable to get RedHat to recognize the onboard NIC on the LC2000, but it works fine on the LH3000. HP says they are the same NIC and should work. Based on other messages in this forum, it seems it may be related to the bios. We have the latest bios, we have disabled the "reserve PCI bus numbers" as HP told us to. What do I have to do to get the NIC to be seen from linux. Works fine under NT4.0.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I really don't want to revert to NT.


John Dayton
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Re: RedHat 6.1 not finding onboard NIC


One of the biggest problems with the installer is recognizing the ETHERNET Cards.

Take the entries in the //etc//conf.modules file from the working system for the Etherner controller and add them to your other server.

After Rebooting, I would compile a customized kernel to eliminate the need for a modular kernel and Identifying the ethernet card.

Please let me know if you want the HOWTOs for ethernet cards and their assesment of the situation as well.

This will fix your problem.

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Re: RedHat 6.1 not finding onboard NIC

You might check to make sure your BIOS is not set to the Windows operating system instead of Other. That was my problem.